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Live each driving moment to the fullest, amplify sport performance made to last with the MICHELIN Pilot Sport 5 tire, designed for high longevity.
A couple of months ago, Michelin announced the release of the Pilot Sport 5. The best part about it is that we finally got the chance to test these tires on a Mercedes A45 AMG. - It's play time!

At time of writing we are are testing the tires for 4 weeks and we must say, the tires do not dissapoint! 

Michelin is known for making the best performing tires in the industry. It's Pilot Sport lineup offers models that are considered the go-to for performance-oriented driving conditions.

Designed to offer a unique combination of sporting performance and longevity. The Pilot Sport 5 is the best performing summer tire among its main competitors in terms of life span for the sports category.

Even though we’re talking about a performance tire, Michelin also aimed to make it durable. This technology focuses on distributing the forces of the tire evenly in driving scenarios resulting in an even wear and prolong the tire’s life. Longevity isn’t everything with the Pilot Sport 5, and Michelin also worked on improving the handling. To achieve that, the manufacturer utilizes its Dynamic Response Technology to enhance handling, responsiveness, and precision.

Performance on dry tarmac?

Continuing the trend that Michelin already set, the Pilot Sport 5 is an excellent tire in dry conditions. 

Despite being a summer tire, it should also be able to deliver performance in wet conditions, something that Michelin addressed. From a daily driving perspective, the Pilot Sport 5 can offer everything you’d need and more.

The levels of traction when acceleration are excellent, minimizing wheel spin and rolling without any issues. Cornering grip is also fantastic, and the tire holds the line perfectly, giving you the confidence to push it more. Speaking of pushing it more, the Pilot Sport 5 continues to impress on a twisty road with some more aggressive driving.

Performance on wet and slippery roads?

The Pilot Sport 5 delivers surprisingly excellent results when driving in wet conditions (considered being a 'summer tire'). It's considered the best performing tire in it's category in wet conditions by far.

In damp conditions, the Pilot Sport 5 is a tire that surprises with the performance it offers. There’s plenty of grip and traction for daily driving, giving you much more than you’d ever need. In an emergency braking scenario, the Michelin tire will outperforme it's competitors. This performance also translates when you’re driving at the limit, so the track performance is good enough. 

Aquaplaning resistance is where the tire shines the most. Unlike its predecessor, the Pilot Sport 5 remains very stable and planted when driving over water patches. When compared to its rivals I could say that it’s the best, so there’s a huge improvement here.

Sporty driving

The tire is very good for sporty driving, it feels like it’s made for a twisty road where you can push your car a bit more. The thing that makes the Pilot Sport 5 great is how easy it handles when you’re pushing it. Precision is another area where the tire performs admirably. It’s not the most precise tire, but keep in mind that you can notice this only if you’re on a track. On public roads, it will be more than enough for most drivers.


The way Michelin has set up the Pilot Sport 5 is to deliver excellent performance and be usable as a daily driver. This is a double-edged sword, and on the one hand, you have a tire that isn’t the best for the track but perfect for sporty daily drives, and on the other hand, the tire is decent enough for picking up the kids from school.