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The effortless sophistication of mediterranean coastal dining at the Palm’s West Beach
KYMA (κύμα), which comes from the Greek, is the most anticipated opening on the Palm’s West Beach shores, where laid-back glamour meets the tranquility of a grecian summer.

Offering a touch of luxury with access to the sparkling Arabian Gulf, KYMA is inspired by the multicultural yet vibrant spirit of the mediterranean and the lively vibes of Greece. KYMA is a world-class destination of its own and a quintessential landmark in Dubai.

Those seeking a refined fare in a mediterranean-chic setting may find their refuge in the trendy restaurant side. The fun-loving crowd looking for a little buzz on the sand can enjoy soaking up the sun’s rays while perching on the sunbeds on the beachside. With a menu serving authentic greek dishes, seafood, grilled meats, wraps and signature cocktails, it is undoubtedly a hot sandy spot for the town’s elite.

This brand-new concept from the award-winning RIKAS Hospitality Group, known for outstanding dining experiences, including La Cantine du Faubourg, Ninive, Mimi Kakushi and Twiggy, to name a few, presents something unique to their expanding portfolio. Nestled at the far end of The Palm’s West Beach, KYMA is created in collaboration with The St. Regis Dubai.

Drawing inspiration from the authenticity of greek life, where enjoyment is partnered with a focus on connecting body, mind, and soul, KYMA introduces the city to a dreamlike experience.

Playing on all the senses, the fashionable, discreet, and natural setting provides guests with a reprieve from the outside world while authentic and delicious greek flavours, as the menu represents a renewed take on all-time favourites.

Gilles Bosquet, the corporate chef at RIKAS Hospitality Group, designed the menu to incorporate much-loved traditional greek tastes with a crisp mediterranean influence. From taramosalata, tyrokafteri and truffled seabream to cheese saganaki, feta loukoums, moussaka and biftekia, not to mention the mouth-watering dessert list, which includes loukoumades.

Guests can feel at ease, liberating themselves from the monotony of routine. KYMA is the ultimate seaside venue, unveiling a unique and polished outdoor environment to get away, relax, dine and sip under the palm trees and sunny breezes.