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The Cadillac XT5 is completely new, residing on a unique chassis and structure.

The Cadillac XT5 is completely new, residing on a unique chassis and structure.
Cadillac’s new crossover embodies the brand’s expertise for lightweight and agile driving dynamics. The new XT5 is 126 kg lighter than its predecessor is.
Cadillac offers most of the improved interior space to the passengers. Rear-seat legroom increased 8.1 cm in the XT5, compared to its predecessor. The rear seat both reclines and slides fore and aft as well.

The new architecture delivers a wheelbase that is 5.1 cm longer than its predecessor is, and a track that is 2.5 cm wider. However, the XT5’s overall length, width and height are fractionally smaller than the SRX. This gives the car a firmly planted stance, and a lean and sleek look.  Importantly, the expanded wheelbase and track enables more usable interior space.

Interior Design 

The first-ever XT5 brings a new level of sophistication that showcases Cadillac’s evolving design language, which recently made its debut on the CT6 Sedan. The XT5 has a strong visual presence with proportions that convey the driving experience and the lightweight construction underneath the surface. There is a lean, taut, liquid quality to the surfaces with flowing, uninterrupted lines separated by crisp edges.

Interior surfaces inside the XT5 are wider and more horizontal in orientation, emphasizing space-efficiency.  Like all Cadillac models, the interior is assembled with cut-and-sewn wrapped panels, rather than a reliance on the molded surfaces that dominate mainstream vehicles.
Cadillac will offer a Platinum edition for the first time in this segment.  Made popular initially on Cadillac’s Escalade, the XT5 Platinum includes unique interior and exterior trim and materials and combines them with state of the art technology features.  In total, the XT5 includes seven interior color and trim choices, with decorative trim options ranging from carbon fiber to two types of aluminum and four types of genuine wood.


The 2017 Cadillac XT5 is powered by the new 3.6-liter V6 engine, which is also featured on the CT6. This engine features Active Fuel Management with cylinder deactivation technology, which allows the engine to seamlessly and automatically switch to a fuel- saving 4-cylinder mode under low or moderate loads. 

With an estimated peak output of 310 horsepower and 366Nm of torque, the new V6 utilizes variable valve timing for strong response and smooth power delivery. Cadillac’s new Stop/Start technology automatically switches off  the engine when the vehicle is at rest in traffic stops, saving fuel and reducing emissions and starts the engine again when the traffic begins to flow.

A new 8-speed automatic transmission is standard for Cadillac’s new luxury cross-over. The XT5 also debuts Electronic Precision Shift – the first electronically controlled transmission shifter for a Cadillac. Electronic Precision Shift reduces noise and vibration, and it allows the cabin space to be further utilized with an innovative storage space beneath the center console.
A new advanced “twin clutch” all-wheel drive system continuously and automatically delivers excellent traction across a variety of conditions. While engineered specifically for strong performance in wet, snowy or icy conditions, it also provides enhanced stability in dry weather.
Due to the twin clutch design, the AWD system is capable of transferring up to 100 percent of available torque to either the front or rear axle, which improves fuel efficiency even further when switching to 100% front wheel drive, but can also offer more dynamic driving experience with more torque on the rear axle.

The driving experience of the all-new Cadillac XT5 benefits from the aforementioned lighter weight, longer wheelbase and wider track, improving the vehicle’s stance, balance and agility.  Added to that is a new chassis system featuring lightweight components designed to deliver smooth ride quality with improved dynamic handling. 
On XT5 entry and luxury trims, 18-inch wheels are standard whereas Premium Luxury and Platinum trim come with 20-inch wheels.