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The four-time world champion and current Aston Martin driver has a tradition of giving each of his F1's cars a girl's names, with previous monikers having included Margherita, Luscious Liz, Randy Mandy, Kate and Kate's Dirty Sister.
With his new Aston Martin team having a close association with James Bond, through the British sportscar manufacturer's tie-ups with the movie franchise, Vettel has elected to keep to the theme.

Speaking to Sky F1 about his choice Vettel said: "Honey Ryder…. The first of its kind. New story, so we thought it was a good one."
Honey Ryder was the Bond girl played by Swiss actress Ursula Andress in the 1962 film Dr. No.

Here's a list of all his F1 car's names:

- 2008 Julie

- 2009 Kate/Kates dirty sister

- 2010 Luscious Liz/Randy Mandy

- 2011 Kinky Kylie

- 2012 Abbey

- 2013 Hungry Heidi

- 2014 Suzie

- 2015 Eva

- 2016 Margherita

- 2017 Gina

- 2018 Loria

- 2019 Lina

- 2020 Lucilla

- 2021 Honey Ryder