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It’s been three years since Shaquille O’Neal said goodbye to his professional basketball career, so what’s keeping the former athlete busy these days?
Life Beyond Sport caught up with Shaq at  in Austin, TX where the ‘self-professed geek’ discussed his love for technology and gadgets. It’s hard to believe Shaq is geeky, but there are solid reasons to back his claims — he was one of the early pre-IPO investors in Google and his Twitter account was the first to be verified by the company. The basketball star revealed that he is always on a look out to find the next cool thing in technology which brings him in contact with budding start-ups.

These days he spends his time searching the app store for cool things and claimed he spends $1,000 a week on apps for his iPhone. Currently, he has a thing for deer hunting games. In fact Shaq loves technology so much that he called Steve Jobs before the first iPhone release to see if he could get a pre-release unit – but Jobs refused. It suddenly seems the celebrities are starting to build a taste for technology and Aston Kutcher isn’t alone trying to prove ‘being geeky is cool’.