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When you are the world’s number 1 ranked tennis player, you are expected to have your starry whims and needs. And of course with the money in your bank account, almost all of those needs are fulfilled. Novak Djokovic, one of the leading man in the sport of singles tennis, has used the money in his account to create a global shortage of a certain type of cheese. If reports are to be believed, Djokovic has purchased the entire global supply of world’s most expensive, a rare cheese produced from donkey milk that can cost over $1,000 per kg! So if you were considering stocking up on Pule cheese this year you can definitely forget about it.

Djokovic made this expensive buy from the world’s sole producer, a donkey farm 50 miles west of the Serbian capital Belgrade. The white, crumbly cheese will be used in a chain of restaurants he’s opening. Now that is one expensive investment. We can’t help but wonder what the prices of the dishes will be that will have this now “scarce” cheese as an ingredient.