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Richard Gasquet is a 28 year old International Tennis Player born in France, Beziers. The right-handed Tennis professional turned pro in 2002 and won the mixed doubles Grand Slam at the French Open in 2004. Gasquet is known for accuracy and power behind his winding groundstrokes that served up memorable performances in the 2007 Wimbledon Championships and the US Open in 2013. He is the current champion of the Estoril Open 2015.
Life Beyond Sport Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing and catching up with Richard Gasquet in between matches at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships whom is one of the current brand ambassadors for the French Brand Le Coq Sportif.

Q: What had inspired you in your profession to become an International Tennis Player?
A: My father had guided me and is the reason that I had become a tennis player.  My parents had managed a tennis club back home in Serignan located in the South of France of the Languedoc Roussillon region. This is where I had spent my childhood and since being the only child, my father had taught me to play tennis from an early age. I had started playing from the age of 4 years old and 24 years later I am still very passionate about the game.
Q: How would you describe yourself as a Tennis player?
A: I am hardworking, passionate and dedicated to the sport. I have learnt from my mistakes in the past which helps you to overcome challenges in life and on the court. Your mindset is important in this profession because you have to be completely focused.

Q: What is your most memorable moment in your sporting career?
A: I have had the privilege to have quite a few memorable moments in my career.  To name a few - Winning the mixed doubles Grand Slam Title at the 2004 French Open Tournament, making the semifinals of the 2007 Wimbledon Championships and the semifinals of the 2013 US Open Tournament.
Q: Who was your role model and icon?
A: Pete Sampras.  He was an American Tennis player and icon in the sport. Pete Sampras was a tennis legend and an inspiration. He was one of the best and worked really hard on the court. He was a very consistent tennis player.
Q: Are there any traditional rituals or special routines that you do before your games as good luck?
A: There is nothing in particular that I do to bring me some Good Luck. I am not superstitious and I believe in hard work, that is all. Keeping your mindset focused is the best way to prepare for any game and to prepare for your competitor. I think that is the best strategy in winning when you focus on doing your best.

Q: What are you working towards and striving to achieve currently?
A: Currently I am working towards and hoping to win the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships.
Q: How do you feel about being the ambassador for Le Coq Sportif?
A: I love the brand and it is a huge honour to represent the brand on a global level. I can relate to it as we share the same heritage from French origins and style. Great things are happening with the Le Coq Sportif brand and they are making a very big comeback to the world of tennis and sport. Le Coq Sportif is represented in the prestigious Tour de France and on famous soccer jerseys. I look forward to working with Le Coq Sportif on other products with the possibility of developing a shoe performance project in the future. I am also looking forward to seeing the brand evolve with its return to football this year.
Q: Please share your thoughts about the brand Le Coq Sportif?
A: I think the brand is cool and is very authentic.  It has a great French edge to it. The clothing is good and is high-end quality. It suits my lifestyle and taste in fashion. I feel very comfortable and confident in the clothing. The brand reminds me of Roland Garros who was a French aviator often referred to The French Open Tournament and Yannick Noah who is a former professional Tennis Player that won the French Open in 1983.
Q: What are your thoughts and experiences about Dubai?
A: Dubai is a great city and it is very new and clean. A lot of great things and interesting events are taking place here. I love the architecture and the city represents different nationalities. It is very welcoming and I look forward to the future of Dubai.
Q: Do you have any words of inspiration or motto for the budding Tennis Players?
A: Do your best and give your best at every game whether it is tennis or whatever sport. Never give up and work hard to achieve your goals.
Shirt: Le Coq Sportif
Trousers: Le Coq Sportif
Watch: Le Coq Sportif
Car: Aston Martin
Phone: IPhone