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Today's global cuisine scene spans from fatty fast food trucks to fabulous 5-star dining and everything in between. All around the world, restaurants are mixing things up and keeping it fresh every day with new dishes and recipes that push the boundaries of culinary convention.
But for the true food aficionados looking for a once-in-a-lifetime, budget-blowing chance to try something totally outrageous, there is a semi-secret list of extra special, mega expensive meals that can be found around the globe. So we scoured every continent and poured over every exotic menu to find ten of the world’s most extravagant dishes ever - and you're definitely gonna have to break the bank to try them...

Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata at Norma’s - New York, NY ($2,000)

The city that never sleeps - and apparently has no credit limit - is full of adventurous and exotic cuisines from around the globe. From one-of-a-kind chef’s omakase meals to super exclusive chef’s tasting menus, New York is a haven for the world’s haute chefs and ultra sophisticated palates. But the extravagant dish that takes the cake is the delightfully decadent Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata available at Norma’s in New York City. This behemoth breakfast is positively packed with class, with 10 oz of Sevruga Caviar, half a dozen fresh eggs, cream and chives, and an entire freaking lobster! Though it's not actually a zillion dollars, this $2,000 breakfast still holds the title as the most expensive omelet in the world and is definitely worth dipping into your savings for.

Posh Pie at Lord Dudley Hotel - Sydney, Australia ($9,484)

Located in super cool Sydney, Australia, the Lord Dudley is a gorgeous luxury hotel that offers guests some of the best Australian views, accommodations, and cuisine on the continent.  The Lord Dudley’s talented executive chef, Paul Medcalf, is known for dishing out some seriously inventive and opulent cuisine such as tender Duck Rillette and Mirool Creek Lamb Rack. But in order to celebrate Groupon’s awesome achievement of selling two million food vouchers in Australia, Chef Paul Medcalf created something beyond extraordinary that could be experienced by the masses - the ones with ten grand in spending cash anyway. And so the Posh Pie was created, a spectacular, savory amalgamation of surf and turf with two premium beef cuts, two western Australian rock lobsters and two super rare Winter Black Truffles. This is definitely not your run of the mill shepherd’s pie.

The Tasting Experience at Sublimotion - Ibiza, Spain ($2,000)

Located inside the eclectic hard rock hotel in Ibiza, Spain, Sublimotion is the world’s first gastronomic performance art - which isn't as scary as it sounds. Basically, this surreal sensory dining sensation uses a unique blend of cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality technology and - of course - food to create a carefully orchestrated, 3-hour tasting experience where you can enjoy a feast for all five senses, prepared by Chef Paco Roncero. This futuristic food show has it all: art, music, magic, design, and neuroscience. But you’d better make a reservation and save up some money if you want a taste because this exclusive set menu is only available for twelve people at a time and costs a whopping $2,000 a person. Now that's one expensive taste trip.

Golden Phoenix Cupcake at Bloomsbury Cafe - Dubai, UAE ($18,713)

The exotic United Arab Emirates are packed with plenty of luxury, culture, and adventure for tourists, locals and expats alike. And the fantastic cuisine of Dubai is no exception. Here you can find the modern Dubai Mall, a shopping and dining Mecca filled with local fashions and flavors. And, to celebrate the opening of its flagship store inside the Dubai Mall, Bloomsbury Cafe unveiled their mega-rich, incomparable creation: the Phoenix Cupcake, with a price tag as serious as its name. This tiny pastry, named the number one most expensive cupcake in the world, is crafted with fine Italian chocolate, 23-karat edible gold sheets, vanilla beans from Uganda and strawberries dipped in edible gold. So if you're ever in Dubai, stop by the Bloomsbury and see it for yourself.

Fleur Burger at Fleur - Las Vegas, NV ($5,000)

If you're going to break your budget anywhere, it's gotta be Vegas. Delicious Sin City has so much more to offer than seedy casinos, Siegfried and Cirque du Soleil. Many of the world’s top chefs can be found making their culinary mark on the strip. And one great example of Las Vegas’ culinary prowess is the super swanky Fleur, where you can find tasty handcrafted cocktails and exquisite globally inspired cuisine by venerated chef Hubert Keller. But there is one dish at Fleur that is beyond comparison in taste and in price - the $5,000 Fleur Burger. This devilishly decadent dish contains a tender Waygu beef patty smothered in butter, seared foie gras and sliced black truffles on a warm brioche bun. But it doesn't end there. This outrageously fancy burger comes perfectly paired with a bottle of 1995 Petrus - which in itself is valued at five grand. Kinda makes you miss the dollar value menu, doesn't it?

White Truffle Gold Pizza at Margo’s - Malta ($2,420)

What better region to try authentic European cuisine than on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta? This tiny country is rife with history, ancient architecture and world culture, but is also known for dishing out some of the world’s tastiest Southern European cuisine. And if you're looking for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to eat the world’s most extravagant pizza, then head to delicious Margo’s to try their unbelievably opulent White Truffle Gold Pizza, made with rich organic water buffalo mozzarella and topped with a 24-karat gold leaf and rare truffles flown in from Piedmont, Italy. This masterpiece of a pie is so intricately prepared that you have to order it a week in advance. But once you see - and taste - the cheesy, melty beauty of this pizza you'll be saying “when in Malta”.

Frrrozen Haute Chocolate at Serendipity 3 - New York, NY ($25,000)

If you've ever been to the mega-metropolitan city of New York, then you know that the buzz about great restaurants gets around fast - you could say “in a New York minute”. So it's no surprise that the ever-popular Serendipity Cafe is at the top of the dish wish list for hungry New Yorkers and tourists from all around. This itty bitty cafe brings in crowds of diners every night to try their incredible burgers and bomb frozen hot chocolate - which, amazingly, tastes exactly how it sounds. But, off the menu, there's a super-secret deluxe dessert that can only be ordered if you're willing to pay the price. Serendipity’s famous, record-breakingly expensive Frrrozen Haute Chocolate is a millionaire upgrade from the cafe’s usual dessert. Fit for a king, this decadent dish is made with 14 of the world’s rarest and most expensive cocoas from Africa and South America and shavings from the world’s most expensive Truffle - la Madeleine au Truffle, then topped with five grams of 24-karat edible gold and served out of a baccarat Harcourt crystal goblet wrapped with an 18-karat gold and white diamond bracelet. Oh, and did we mention the $14,000 jewel-encrusted spoon you get to eat it with?

Taco at Frida’s Restaurant - Grand Velas Los Cabos Resort, Mexico ($25,000)

No one can resist a tasty taco, and evidently, there's no limit to the amount people will pay for the perfect one! Perched on the glorious Baja Peninsula, Grand Velas Los Cabos is a luxurious Mexican resort that offers guests a magical escape from the everyday. And to provide their guests with a culinary experience that they won't soon forget, this over-the-top resort decided to add a 25K taco to their dinner menu at the posh Frida’s Restaurant. Made with premium Kobe beef, truffle Brie cheese, a gold flake-crusted tortilla and even more edible gold sprinkled on top, this ultra-rich tex mex dish trumps all others as the most expensive taco in the world. And if you're really feeling saucy, you can add a rare, handcrafted white gold and platinum bottle of .925 Pasion Azteca Ultra Premium Anejo to your ridiculously expensive taco for an extra $150,000. No, we're not kidding.

Chocolate Pudding at Lindeth Howe Country House - England ($35,000)

Tucked away in the gorgeous English countryside, The Lindeth Howe Country House is a charmingly rustic yet amazingly lavish retreat from the crowded streets of London. Inside this beautiful English residence you'll find a selection of spacious rooms, in-house holistic treatments and an award-winning restaurant helmed by Executive Chef Marc Guilbert. The cozy restaurant offers delectable delights for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. But the dish that people can't stop talking about it Chef Guilbert’s very special Chocolate Pudding creation. A far cry from Snack Pack and powdered jello packs, this heavenly chocolate pudding is made with four different fine Belgium chocolates molded carefully into the shape of a faberge egg, then generously layered with champagne jelly, topped with an edible gold leaf and served with a bottle of top shelf champagne and caviar - in case you weren't feeling indulgent enough. Because of the painstaking preparation involved, the jaw-dropping $35,000 Lindeth Howe chocolate pudding has to be ordered at last two weeks in advance to give the chef ample time to perfect this magnificent masterpiece.

Still Fisherman’s Indulgence Dessert at Fortress Resort and Spa - Sri Lanka ($14,500)

Faraway and exotic Sri Lanka is home to a delectably diverse array of cultures and flavors. And at the ultra-posh and secluded Fortress Resort and Spa in Sri Lanka, luxury living is taken to a whole new level. This massive luxury resort includes 2 world-class restaurants, a late-night bar, and a swanky Sri Lankan tea lounge. But the crown jewel of this splendid retreat has to be the magnificent Stilt Fisherman’s Indulgence Dessert, created by Executive Chef Lalith Kumar at the resort’s plush restaurant. Any dessert with the word Indulgence in the name has to be pretty fantastic. Indeed, this dulcet delight can only be described as an edible work of art, prepared with a gold leaf Italian cassata flavored with tender fruit-infused Irish Cream and served with a mango-pomegranate compote and Dom Perignon champagne sabayon. The piece de resistance of this dainty dessert is the signature handmade chocolate carving of a stilt fisherman clinging to his stilt - an old Sri Lankan custom - that is finished with a stunning 80 karat Aquamarine stone. It’s almost too pretty - and expensive - to eat!