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Replace your traditional office chair with a $400 gaming chair, and you'll never go back.
The chair you sit on matters. Sitting puts pressure on your body, and having insufficient support can lead to pain or poor posture, which puts stress on your shoulders, back, and neck.

After sitting uncomfortably in a standard office chair for too long, you'll back starts to hurt. That's exactly the reason why you should look into gaming chairs instead.

PC gamers spend extraordinary amounts of time in front of a computer screen. They need supportive chairs so they can stay focused and perform at their best for long periods of time. I figured, if a chair can be good enough for them, it will definitely be good enough me, a regular computer user who spends a lot of time sitting in front of a desk.

We as Life Beyond Sport reached out to Secretlab – a company founded in 2014 by two competitive “Starcraft II” players – which was kind enough to send me one of their most popular chairs, the Titan, to use at home. The Titan retails starting at $400.

Here’s why I’m never going back to a traditional office chair after spending time working in Secretlab’s Titan chair.

Building the first half of the chair took maybe 20 to 30 minutes. But when it came time to attach the backrest to the bottom of the chair, and screw everything in perfectly, I realized this task was impossible for a single person. We managed to finish the task with 2 people but it wasn’t easy, even for the two of us. Be warned!

After using the Secretlab Titan you ask yourself why you didn’t consider a gaming chair sooner. The chair has everything you’d want in a long-term chair. I notice I’ve been less tired and more focused when sitting at my desk, and I find myself slouching less often, too. It fits like a glove. The Titan is easily the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat on.

If you’re in the market for a new office chair, unless you need to adhere to a certain style or status quo, We would highly suggest looking outside the realm of office chairs and exploring a gaming chair instead. And I can’t recommend Secretlab’s Titan chair enough, especially as a starting point. Your back will thank you.