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ngenuity. Drama. Efficiency. These are the hallmarks of natural evolution. Shaping stunning elegant solutions. Utterly fit to purpose. Endlessly beautiful...
The world has changed. The superlight McLaren GT is the Grand Tourer reimagined. Rejuvenated. And the results are extraordinary. Strikingly beautiful. And the lightest, quickest accelerating car in its class.

The GT is shaped by our relentless desire to challenge the established order. We took the key ingredients and reinvented and applied them in new, innovative ways. Then combined with the power and performance that is undiluted McLaren. 

The GT is a supercar that is thrilling, yet refined, dynamic and engaging. Never before has a car with such incredible dynamic capabilities been coupled with such class leading refinement.

The pioneering design gives the new GT a unique beauty and balance. The profile is sleek but purposeful. This is a car that invites you to drive. Traditional Grand Tourers are slower. Heavier. And simply less fun to drive. But this is the comfort of a GT married with the performance of a McLaren supercar. The cabin is acutely modern – a masterpiece of tactile luxury. There’s our infotainment system. Immaculately trimmed luggage space. And finely crafted details throughout. On the exterior, the sculpted rear haunches house the vital air intakes. A totally flat underbody helps to generate downforce for incredible high-speed stability. Beneath the fluid surfaces you’ll find the innovative design and engineering that’s at the heart of every McLaren.

As a rule, Grand Tourers are comfortable. Insulating. Which often means they’re also heavy and unresponsive. Not to mention blunt when it comes to handling and driver engagement. The GT makes that rule obsolete. Blisteringly quick and responsive, it injects adrenalin and racing DNA into the class. And it does all of this while delivering a supremely refined ride.

The innovative engineering makes the GT a true McLaren. Pioneering refinements like our Proactive Damping Control suspension. Just like you, this advanced system constantly analyses road conditions to adapt – predictively. And learns from every journey you make. The result? Ride comfort and handling precision that’s perfectly optimised. Every moment. On every journey. You really can have it all.


Maximum Speed 326kph (203mph)
0-100kph: 3.2s
0-200kph: 9.0s
Maximum Power: 620PS 
Maximum Torque: 630Nm