Life Beyond Sport magazine is a pioneering publication that breaks through the traditional barriers of men’s lifestyle magazines by smoothly combining a man’s love of sport with his passion for the finer things in life. The magazine contains a range of features, interviews and photo-shoots that provide an exclusive insight into the sportsman’s lifestyle. Only in Life Beyond Sport will you find the biggest names from the worlds of Football, Tennis, Formula 1, Golf, Polo and more.

Life Beyond Sport boasts an unmatched editorial mix that encompasses lifestyle interviews with sportsmen, reviews of top holiday destinations, the latest developments in watches, cars, fashion, gadgets, nightlife, business and economy features and a host of other fascinating and topical subjects.

Life Beyond Sport provides entertaining and fascinating reading along with role models to aspire to and luxury items to desire. Life Beyond Sport targets fashion conscious, affluent and refined men. Its reach into the higher echelons of society helps to enhance the magazine with unrivalled access to some of the most high profile and respected names in the worlds of sport, fashion, luxury goods, business and lifestyle.

Furnished with French elegance and grandeur, the hotel welcomes a variety of visitors, from the trendy Amsterdam elite to famous international movie stars. In all of the rooms and suites, the restaurants, the halls and the beautiful Garden Terrace, the heritage and luxury of this opulent landmark will charm all who visit.
The Garden Terrace can be found in the beautiful inner garden of The Grand. It is one of Amsterdam’s best kept secrets; an oasis of peace and tranquillity, situated in the heart of the city. The terrace has retained many of its authentic Amsterdam School style features, from the time that The Grand served as the city hall of Amsterdam. It is surrounded by historical walls and has a view on the balcony of the historical MarriagenChamber.

The garden was designed by the well-known French architect Marion Faver with the idea to create a romantic garden, filled with green and a lot of flowers. These are planted in such a way that when the flowering season starts, a different plant is in bloom every week. The mosaic tables, designed by Marion Faver and made by Lilian Faustle of Mandalay Mosaic Design, are inspired by the stained glass of the Marriage Chamber.

On sunny days, the Oriole Garden Bistro team serves Mediterranean dishes and Oriole-style cocktails with fresh ingredients from their own roof garden, on the terrace. In 2022, this urban rooftop was extended with the arrival of two colonies of The Grand Bees, producing honey for the hotel. The Garden Terrace lends itself perfectly for a relaxing drink, a fresh cup of coffee, a business lunch, an intimate dinner and even The Grand Afternoon Tea. If the weather permits, service of fine dining restaurant Bridges, Mediterranean Oriole Garden Bistro and The Flying Dutchman (now The Flying Deer) is extended to the Garden Terrace.

For a more relaxed experience, you can visit Oriole Garden Bistro. This green bistro breaths the feeling of a Mediterranean garden, with its lush greenery that brings the beautiful outside garden indoors. The bright golden Oriole bird invites everyone to feel free and enjoy the very best of the Mediterranean. The seasonal menu of is perfect to enjoy a light lunch, cosy dinner with family and friends or the Mediterranean tradition Aperitivo. The pure dishes can also be combined with Oriole style cocktails, made with fresh ingredients from the rooftop garden, that will take you to the Mediterranean in the heart of city’s capital.

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