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Smart, sophisticated and glamorous, OKKU brings its unique style of authentic yet contemporary Japanese cuisine back to take the Dubai dining scene by storm. The menu features sumptuous dishes created by the celebrity super chefs. The restaurant, lounge and bar combine cutting-edge service, style, and design with a see-and-be-seen element.
Breathtaking insta worthy design features including unique 3D printed, lifelike Samurai soldiers, a stunning central bar in the dining room, a 20-metre sushi bar & robata grill, as well as the OKKU signature jelly fish will remind old friends of the OKKU of old yet in a new, modern, experiential way.

*Sake Barrel Corridor

The cocktail menu has been designed to reflect the very finest of ingredients combined in a truly unique style. With an emphasis on sustainability the signature beverages are spectacular, thought provoking and innovative. This is not simply the height of mixology, this is a beverage concept designed to take you places you have never been before, to the ‘O’zone.

The resident DJs deliver the signature sounds and entertain guests each night of the week spinning until late.  OKKU is poised to quickly become Dubai’s most desirable venue.

*Restaurant with the iconic Jellyfish

The name, OKKU, which is derived from the Japanese word "oku-rin," means "inner circle." The founder of the restaurant, Ramzy Abdul-Majeed, had a vision to create an environment where diners could feel and be treated as part of an inclusive, yet exclusive inner circle.  A place to enjoy a memorable, luxurious experience from arrival to departure.    

The menu has been carefully curated with clarity and sensitivity to tantalise the taste buds. Japanese cuisine is a symphony of flavours, textures and colours that come together to create a culinary experience like no other.  From the delicate balance of umami and sweetness in sushi to the smoky, savoury notes of grilled meats and the perfect balance of salty, sweet, and sour, Japanese cuisine has something to tantalize every taste bud.

*Chili Chicken

Imagine the sizzle of a red-hot, Robata grill as it sears tender slices of beef, the rich aroma of simmering sauces and the satisfying crunch of crisp tempura.  Picture the vibrant colours of a beautifully arranged plate, meticulously crafted with an eye for detail and a reverence for the natural flavours of the ingredients.

Indulge in the complex, balanced flavours, where less is often more. Delicate seasoning and rich, stunning produce are treated with the utmost respect to create plates that are exquisite on the palate taking the diner to new heights. The freshest of vegetables and herbs add colour, texture and an additional layer of complexity.  

While most of the dishes at OKKU reflect apparent simplicity in appearance, the construction of each dish is in fact one that is highly sophisticated using classical Japanese techniques and at the same time staying true to simplicity and substance with just a hint of the modern, western world to elevate and excite.  This is evident throughout the culinary journey from the small plates all the way through to the decadent desserts.

*Avocado Kazan

OKKU sets out to tease and activate all five of the human senses.  The menu and restaurant design are intended to elevate your sense of sight, smell and taste, the signature sounds are quite literally music to your ears and to touch is to indulge in the warmth of your surroundings. 

All told, OKKU delivers a delightful and mouth-watering experience that will take your taste buds on a journey to the land of the Rising Sun.  Boasting an atmosphere that works perfectly for both intimate dining as well as a vibrant late-night hotspot accompanied by impeccable service from knowledgeable friendly staff, OKKU is destined to take regional dining to a new level.  An experience that must be tried to be understood.


OKKU ‘O’ Socialista
Konnichiwa ladies, grab your girls and head to ‘O’ Socialista every Wednesday from 6pm until late.  Promising two hours of free-flowing drinks alongside a specially curated menu that features some of OKKU’s best loved signature dishes, ‘O’ Socialista is a must for your weekly social calendar. 


As the night goes on, ‘O’ Socialista gives way to L.O.V.E. and the party really starts from 10pm with live performances from the captivating Duo Violins and the high energy percussionist accompanied by mesmerizing music from the inhouse DJ.

This generous offering is just AED 250 per person providing ladies midweek luxury and entertainment that doesn’t break the bank. 

OKKU, Marriott Resort Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, 

Tues to Thurs, 6pm to 2am, Fri and Sat, 6pm and 3am, Sun, 6pm to 2am

Tel: (0) 4 666 1566, For bookings email:

Insta: @okkudxb

For more information, visit: