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Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam is the perfect place for art lovers with its rich history and the presence of original works of art by various (Dutch) famous painters and sculptors. The monumental building that houses the five-star luxury hotel has a long history when it comes to art.
Famous artists have contributed to both the exterior of the building - the imposing façade - and the interior. To illustrate, artists Hildo Krop, Chris Lebau, Willem Penaat, Joseph Mendes de Costa, John Raedecker, Karel Appel and Johan Thorn Prikker created beautiful art pieces that are showcased at The Grand. Besides, The Grand used to portray several famous Dutch artworks during the time that it was the city council of Amsterdam. Such as various statues (David & Goliath, de Gravenbeelden) and paintings by Rembrandt (The Jewish Bride), Ferdinand Bol and Cornelis Anthonisz. Those artworks are now showcased throughout different museums in Amsterdam.

In addition to its different functions over the past centuries, the Princenhof building at The Grand participated in the evolution of art in Amsterdam. In 1949, the renowned artist, Karel Appel, was asked to paint a mural at the canteen of the city hall of Amsterdam. This painting can still be admired at the entrance of Oriole Garden Bistro and restaurant Bridges. His style was vastly different from that of artist Chris Lebeau who painted the room-filling mural in the Marriage Chamber. While the new artistic work wasn’t well received at that time, both murals are considered invaluable art treasures of the city today.

Due to the rich art history of the Grand, writer and journalist Ivo Weyel, decided to approach The Grand in the summer of 2020 to realize the Artists in Residence project. To support the art world, which was facing difficulties due to COVID-19, The Grand welcomed a variety of artists for 52 weeks to stay for a week in the specially designed Artists in Residence Suite.

With the selection of artists for the project, the starting point was to include as many art disciplines as possible. From painters, sculptors and writers, to designers, architects, jewellery designers, choreographers and musicians. Both emerging, as well as wellknown artists, were invited, including Ewerdt Hilgemann, Sarah van Sonsbeeck, Hans Aarsman, Theo Baart, Berend Strik, Renske van de Greef, Babah Tarawally, Bob Eshuis, Jurriaan van Hall and his son Rinus van Hall, Frankey and Riveroshan.

In exchange for a stay at the Artists in Residence Suite, the artists donated the items they worked on during their stay. The Artists in Residence at The Grand project raised a total of €26,313.29, which was donated to the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds. The Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds aims to encourage inspiration, purpose, and social interconnection for everyone in the Netherlands by investing in cultural projects together with its partners. The Cultuurfonds supports and helps realize projects of cultural organizations and artists by raising funds and handing out awards for outstanding work.

From the 17th of January, hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam will be the décor for the unique new art exhibition, Grand To be Grand by artists Rob Van Trier and Daffy De Vyldre.

The Grand To Be Grand exhibition is a depiction of the new 'grand' life we all desire after the uncertain last two years when both artists were frustrated not being able to create new artworks. The bright colours and textures of this unique exhibition invite all to be GRAND!

The Grand To Be Grand Exhibition can be visited daily at Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam until the 9th of April.

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