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The world’s most prestige an exclusive car wax is available to one highly lucky and privileged Connoisseur. The wax of Kings. Literally.
GoldRush Rally(TM) is the ultimate luxury lifestyle car rally and Mitchell and King blend the most luxurious car wax.

“Milled from the finest grade Titanium and coated with 24ct Gold, the enclosure for GR5 is a work of art in its own right. After 24ct plating we encrust the surface with Swarovski, in addition we add 10 x 0.5 Carat, F Colour, VS2, brillaint round cut diamonds.”

Our total commitment to excellence has solidified our position at the top of the market, Mitchell and King is the only establishment to ever offer creations which have been utilised on consecutive vehicles which were the most expensive at point of sale. This in turn has created a luxury establishment which is peerless and who’s creations grace some of the finest vehicles in existence.

Mitchell and King offered their expertise and has blended the most exclusive car wax to date. This wax boasts a gold shimmer and is ideal for those who wish the most luxurious car wax.

GoldRush Rally is a trendsetting celebration and one of the fastest growing social events & lifestyle brands. This exciting event is a mixture of an exotic & supercar rally, VIP participants, nightlife parties, DJ’s and last but not least the countless fans that follow each and every part of the celebration.

This wax will protect your car for upto 4 months and shall offer a highly unique interaction when applying.

This particular edition is one of a kind. GRV is presented in a 24ct Gold Plated enclosure.
Mitchell and King are responsible for hand-crafting the most exclusive car waxes for companies such as Singer Vehicles, Porsche SA, McLaren SA, Rolls Royce SA, Aston Martin SA, Arash Supercars, Venturi, Lamborghini London and of course  the connoisseur.

This product is still under development and will be blended to the desire of the owner.

The goldRush Rally Collection includes;
- 250ml of GRV Shampoo
- 100ml of GRV Scent
- goldRush Rally Wax
- 10 x Real Diamonds on enclosure
- 2 x Bespoke 24ct Gold Rings (Male or Female)

The price is AED 300,000 for this one off piece

Work Like a Boss, Live Like a Boss