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The large SUV presents innovative solutions for lightweight construction, drive, suspension, infotainment, connectivity and assistance systems. Its spacious interior pampers occupants with luxurious comfort.
Handling dynamics: The interplay of all components
The sporty handling dynamics unusual for an SUV results from the close coordination between all departments within technical development. The engine harmoniously delivers its power to the road practically loss-free via a superior chassis. This interplay of components provides the ideal basis for dynamic handling. Given also the quattro drive, a quick-shifting tiptronic and the low overall weight, each trip, whether on the freeway or a winding country road, brings the dynamic handling of a sedan to mind. Meanwhile the developers never neglected the need for a stable driving style off paved roads, or the desired dynamic gear mode – the Audi Q7 performs impressively on any terrain. 

Lounge of the luxury class: The most spacious interior in the segment
On opening the door, the driver encounters a lounge of the luxury class. All colors and materials are carefully coordinated. In the front passenger area a continuous air vent strip stretches across the instrument panel and emphasizes the width of the interior. Restrained strips frame two-part decorative moldings; in the dark, optional, slender light guides follow the contours of the interior.
For the driver all switches and controls are ideally placed ready at hand. The numerous setting options afford a very comfortable seat position. The new Q7 offers numerous seat variants up to the individual contour seat with air conditioning and a massage feature. The versatility of the Audi Q7 is also revealed by the standard three-piece backrest in the second row of seats, which can be separately folded down, and by the standard third row of seats, which is now operated electrically. 

Groundbreaking: Infotainment with the MMI all-in-touch
On the console of the center tunnel lies the newly developed and optionally available MMI touch. Driver and front passenger can write, pinch-to-zoom, or scroll through lists on the system’s large glass surface, which gives a haptic response to the operator’s finger. The simple MMI operating logic affords intuitive use, including intelligent free text searching. The voice control system can recognize input made using everyday language, such as: “Where can I refuel?”
The top-of-the-line infotainment system in the Q7, MMI navigation plus, uses the second generation modular infotainment module with its first-class computing power.
For hi-fi aficionados there are two sound systems from Bose and Bang & Olufsen featuring the new 3D sound, which exploits the spatial dimension of height. The top system from Bang & Olufsen integrates 23 speakers and delivers 1,920 watts of sound. Each of the front seat backrests is designed to take an Audi tablet, which functions as a versatile Rear Seat Entertainment system – another pioneering solution from the brand.
Engines: Three-liter V6 engine
The new Q7 enters the Middle East market with a greatly modified V6 engine. The 45 TFSI with 333 hp accelerates the large SUV from 0 to 100 km/h 6.3 seconds.
A superior engines, a new eight-speed tiptronic, improved quattro permanent all-wheel drive, a low center of gravity and a completely redesigned lightweight chassis – the technology package of the new Audi Q7 allows drivability that is both agile and comfortable. Its electromechanical power steering and the versatile Audi drive select system are standard features; on request, adaptive air suspension is also available. Completely new is the all-wheel steering: the rear wheels turn a few degrees in the same or opposite direction of the front wheels, depending on the situation.