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It’s a gadget that lets you draw wine from a bottle without uncorking it. It uses a needle to pressurise the bottle with inert argon and to pour out the wine. The clever bit is that the wine that stays in the bottle doesn’t oxidise so you can store it for months and re-Coravin it multiple times.
This is revolutionary because it means you don’t need to open a whole bottle to enjoy a glass of wine.

It’s easy to use. For example, we pour twelve glasses for tastings in a little more time than it would take to pull the corks on the six bottles.

A little of what you fancy

Coravin could spell the end of unopened ‘special occasion’ bottles. The economics of expensive wine change when you can pour a sample or a small glass without having to open the whole bottle. If you fancy a glass of Chateau Margaux or you want to try that super-Tuscan Sassicaia that you’ve been saving, you can do it. You can also mix and match different wines with different foods without having to open the whole wine bottle.

Similarly, in restaurants, we’re seeing progressive sommeliers offer a selection of samples or glasses from previously-unaffordable wine. 

Does it affect the taste?

In testing, experts weren’t able to detect which wines were poured using a Coravin and which were not and none of glasses were ‘oxidised, un-servable or unexpectedly varied’. This discussion amongst professional sommeliers also gives the system a guarded thumbs up with plenty of tips from professional users.

Certainly, our experience with Coravin across hundreds of bottles has been hugely positive. In short, if you get good wine, get a Coravin.