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By now we’ve established Dubai is a playground for fancy restaurants -be it décor, dishes or damage (to the pocket). And because of that, we’ve all done a quick Google search or asked around to find out how much a meal at these places usually cost. But it’s only when we get to the restaurant and have a menu placed in our palms do we actually look through each (by which we mean, each and every) dish and discover stuff that absolutely blows our mind (with its taste and tag) away. Barring Wagyu steaks, here's some of that 'stuff'...
1. Lobster for AED 375

Brainchild of chef Nobu Matsuhisa, Japanese restaurant Nobu serves its lobster on a charcoal grill at your table. The delish dish also has the delicate flavours of Enoki mushrooms.

Nobu, Atlantis, The Palm (04 426 0760)

2. Duck for AED 378

Nothing beats a crispy aromatic duck with pancake and trimmings (plum sauce, spring onions, cucumbers and a dollop of chilli sauce if you like), but the whole one at Royal China comes with a triple digit tag. If you’re not willing to part with too much from your wallet, you can also order a quarter or half portion.

Royal China, Precinct Building 4, DIFC (04 354 5543)

3. Lobster for AED 390

It’s called the Langosta al Josper on the Coya menu, but simply put: it is lobster served with the Argentinian sauce chimichurri, cucumber and avocado salad. (Note: it’s the closest you can get to South America with that price bracket).

Coya, Four Seasons Resort Dubai (04 361 9600)

4. Lobster for AED 480

The shellfish at Buddha Bar is quite a meal in itself. Along with the grilled lobster, you also get stir fry veggies and yaki soba noodles. Licking every bit of the ponzu butter sauce is totally understandable.

Buddha Bar, Grosvenor House Dubai (04 317 6000)

5. Whole roasted chicken for AED 625

Served at the chic French restaurant La Serre, the chicken is brought to the table in a flat copper pan topped with foie gras and truffle sauce. The portion serves two, but hey it still works out to more than AED 300 per diner.

La Serre, Vida Downtown Dubai (04 428 6969)

6. Spider king crab for approximately AED 3,000

Other than the flesh, you wil shell out big money for this dish at Peppercrab. The crab from Norway comes with a price tag of AED 115 for 100gms, and with the average weight being 2.5kg…let’s just leave you to do the math! By the way, it can be cooked in chilli or black pepper sauce or as per the diner’s request (we see why the third’s an option).

Peppercrab, Grand Hyatt Dubai (04 317 2221)

7. Caviar for AED 3,500

The damage to the pocket is well-worth it if you’re a fan of the delicacy. And you'd be surprised quite a few people do pay this whopping price for the Asian-fusion restaurant's Imperial Premium Sturgeon caviar (125 gms to be precise). It's best described as slightly fishy, with a lovely texture when it hits the tongue and palate. 

Novikov, Sheraton Grand Hotel Dubai (04 388 8744)